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Iran confirms issuance of visa for Saudi team

Iran confirms issuance of visa for Saudi team
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi confirmed on Sunday that Iran has issued visa for a Saudi delegation who wants to visit Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic missions in Iran, IRNA reported on Monday.

“The Saudi delegation is simply coming to visit diplomatic missions, because the buildings have been empty after the two countries severed ties. We will also visit our missions in Saudi Arabia,” he added

He said that the Saudi delegations will probably visit Iran after the Hajj ritual.

Qassemi gave no details about the date of the Iranian delegation’s visit to Saudi Arabia.

He said that the Iranian delegations received visa to visit Saudi Arabia through Oman two weeks ago.

Iran and Saudi Arabia have been at odds since the conflict arose in Syria in 2011.
Last Modified: Tuesday، 05 September 2017 09:24 AM