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KDP denies Kurds threatened in Baghdad due to independence referendum

Kurdistan's referendum to be held Sep. 25
Shwan Mohammed Taha, Head of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Baghdad, denied on Sunday allegations claiming that Kurds in Baghdad had received threats after the leadership of Kurdistan Regional Government had decided to hold an independence referendum.   

Earlier, news reports said that some Kurds living in Baghdad have complained about receiving threats of expulsion due to the decision of holding Kurdistan referendum.       

In a statement, Taha said that KDP conducted field-based follow-up in all districts in Baghdad where Kurds live, adding that the party did not find any evidence that Kurdish residents had received any threats.     

Taha also noted that the security situation in the Iraqi capital is "unhealthy", stressing that this situation includes all components of the Iraqi society, not only Kurds.  

After Kurdistan Regional Government announced on June 7 that it would vote on September 25 on secession from Iraq, no Kurdish person was forced to leave Baghdad under any threats, he pointed out. He added that the Iraqi capital witnessed kidnappings last month, but Kurds were not among those abducted.   

Those rumormongers want to achieve gains by issuing these statements, Taha said. He added that Kurds living in Kurdistan Region want to attract more attention while those living in Baghdad want to form an entity for themselves.  
Last Modified: Sunday، 20 August 2017 01:49 PM