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Allawi: Kurdistan referendum unconstitutional, drags Iraq to civil war

Kurdistan referendum unconstitutional, drags Iraq to civil war

Kurdistan's independence referendum is unconstitutional and will drag Iraq into civil war, former prime minister Ayad Allawi said on Friday.


In a statement, Allawi asserted that the independence referendum option must be ousted from Kurdistan's leadership agenda, as it is not the answer for the region's problems with Baghdad's central government.


He further added that Kurdistan's secession undermines its people's struggle for democracy, freedom and social justice, noting that all Iraqis are currently suffering from injustice and sectarianism.


Allawi also reiterated that Kurdistan's secession on a national basis, threatens it as it is culturally, ethnically diverse.


He also underscored that the political blocs that initiated the referendum idea are guilty themselves in the political crisis which Iraq suffers, calling on them to take responsibility for their actions and discuss their problems with Iraqi politicians.


Allawi urged Baghdad's central government to reconsider its relations with Kurdistan's regional government, he also called on neighboring countries and international powers to protect Iraq's sovereignty and unity, to prevent more instability in the region.

Last Modified: Friday، 11 August 2017 11:54 AM