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Mortar fire rocks Russian embassy in Damascus

Mortar fire rocks Russian embassy in Damascus

Russia's Embassy in Syria's capital of Damascus came under mortar fire by terrorists on Wednesday, Sputnik cited Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.


There have been no casualties in the attack, the ministry said, noting that the building sustained a certain level of damage.

Two mortar rounds fell on the territory of the Russian embassy with two more hitting close to the mission's perimeter, according to the statement released by the ministry.

"We strongly condemn terrorist attacks on Russian diplomatic mission in Damascus," the statement read. "We'd like to reiterate once again that Russia has drawn attention on multiple occasions to barbaric nature of the bombardments, which terrorists regularly carry out against the residential quarters in Damascus and other populated Syrian cities. Every day, civilians, women and children become the victims of these attacks."

Russia hopes that the Western countries in the United Nations Security Council will comment on the attack, the statement said.

This is not the first attack on the diplomatic mission. On July 16, Russia's Embassy in Damascus came under mortar fire.

Later, Moscow expressed regret that some UN Security Council members refused to qualify attacks on the Russian embassy in Damascus as terrorist acts.

"We regret to say that some members of the Security Council have again refused to consider the Russian draft under a far-fetched pretext of the lack of evidence on the terrorist nature of the attacks," the statement said on Tuesday. "It was proposed to delete all important provisions of the draft. In these circumstances, the Russian delegation found it pointless to continue work on this document."

Moscow has been conducting aiding Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad in Syrian civil war since September 30, 2015, at Assad's request.

The civil war in Syria has been lasting for around six years with Assad troops fighting against numerous opposition factions.

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