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IMIS participation in Tal Afar Ops proves Abadi controlled by Iran

Abadi is fully controlled by Iran
Prime Minister Haider al Abadi's latest decision to allow Iran-allied IMIS militias to participate in battles to oust ISIS from Tal Afar proves he is fully  controlled by Tehran. 

Abadi's decision came during his Saturday's speech at the youths parliament conference. 

He added that all security authorities as well as IMIS and Tribal Mobilization Forces will participate in the military operation.

Observers have warned the move would cause more massacres in Tal Afar.  

For months, Abadi has rejected IMIS' participation in the imminent battle for fear of committing atrocities against Sunni Turkmen.

The new decision ignores the Turkish rejection of IMIS participation.  
Analysts said the new decision would bring further bloodshed against Sunnis. 

IMIS along with Iraqi army has committed war crimes against Sunnis in the battle for Mosul. 

Human rights organizations including Amnesty International have warned against rights abuses against Sunnis in Mosul.

On July 10th, Abadi declared the full liberation of Mosul from ISIS. 

US-led international coalition has given air covering for the Mosul operations.