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Exclusive: Insider source says dismissing Anbar governor 'null and void'

Exclusive: Dismissing Suhaib Rawi is null, void

Anbar governorate council's vote on dismissing incumbent governor Suhaib al-Rawi could be null and void, a well informed source said on Thursday.

In an exclusive interview with The Baghdad Post, the source, who asked not reveal his identity, said that most of the council's members who voted against the governor are convicted and their cases haven't been disclosed yet.

This makes their votes illegal, making the dismissal of the governor null and void.

Earlier, Anbar Provincial Council voted overwhelmingly to dismiss the governor Suhaib al-RawiThere is a 10-day period to name the successor of the dismissed governor.

A few days ago, Naeem al-Kaod, a member of the council, said that 14 members called for dismissing the governor as he charged over administrative corruption offences.

Last Modified: Thursday، 20 July 2017 09:37 PM