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Video: IMIS kidnaps, kills Sunni residents of Baghdad, Babel

Displaced Iraqi families

Kidnappings and targeting of tribes in Baghdad and northern Babel Governorate aim at creating a new state of terror,  MP Kamel al-Ghariri revealed on Wednesday.  

In a televised interview, al-Ghariri said that kidnapping  Sunni families in broad daylight on Tuesday in these two districts uncovers another crime committed by Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS). 

The government has no control over IMIS, the extrajudicial force, he noted, wondering how these militias can be eliminated by the state and security forces. 

On Tuesday, Ghariri said that 1,000 Sunnis had been kidnapped by militias in northern Babel districts, adding that their whereabouts are still unknown. 

Iraqi MP Ahmed al-Salmani warned On Monday of attempts to make a "demographic change" in districts located in northern Babel Governorate by kidnappings, killings and displacement.   

Earlier, IMIS has threatened to kill Sunni residents living in northern Babel Governorate if they didn't leave their houses within 24 hours. 

IMIS is composed of some 40 militias, which are mainly Shiite. These militias were allegedly formed to fight against ISIS terrorists.

But they have been accused of violating human right and committing crimes based on sectarian motives, particularly against Sunni civilians.
Last Modified: Wednesday، 19 July 2017 01:12 PM