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Video: Iranian Assembly of Experts speaker threatens to occupy Bahrain

Iranian Assembly of Experts Speaker Ahmad Jannati

Iranian Assembly of Experts Speaker Ahmad Jannati threatened to occupy Bahrain, as shown in a video obtained by The Baghdad Post on Saturday.

Jannati also threatened to establish a Mullah regime in Bahrain in the near future.

The video shows him while giving a speech saying that Iran should invade Bahrain via Quds Force led byIranian commander Qassem Soleimani.

He also urged the Quds Force to oust US and Saudi troops from Bahrain.

Earlier, Khamenei said that issues surrounding Bahrain, Yemen and other Muslim countries are "major wounds in the body of Islam." 

Bahraini Foreign Minister Khaled bin Ahmed responded t Khamenei's claims saying that Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei must remain "silent", "stop his evil deeds" and "cares only about the countless problems Iran is facing".
Last Modified: Saturday، 15 July 2017 05:38 PM