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Hezbollah militia in Iraq: State within a state

#Hezbollah militia in #Iraq: State within a state

Hezbollah terror militia in Iraq has growing influence in Iraq, experts say, adding that this influence is not confined to the military aspects such as armament but it includes major investments in several Iraqi cities started in 2006.

They added these investments are concentrated in the southern parts of Iraq. And they were launched under the former premiere Nouri al-Maliki, who has close ties with the Iranian regime.

Maliki opened the door for Lebanese businessmen linked to Hezbollah terror militia, insiders said, adding that the militia attained ultimate clout in Iraq.

They also revealed that there are attempts to keep all the businesses related directly or indirectly to the terror militias in the dark.

Iraq's Hezbollah: Iran's back door

Hence, experts said these attempts are driven by several reasons, including the desire to dodge the US sanctions.

Thus, they added, Hezbollah militia resorted to business tycoons, who are not suspected to be linked to the militia, to carry out major projects.

There are quasi-daily efforts to distract attention from the investments of the militia in Iraq.

Increasing economic clout

Government officials spoke to the Baghdad Post, saying the firms owned by the businessmen affiliated with the militia won contracts related to projects of Baghdad Plan 2016.

These contracts included construction projects, refurbishments for government facilities and licenses in the tourism sector as well as preparing food products in cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Commerce.

And other analysts went on to say that these investments are bigger than what is announced and concentrated in other monitored sectors.

Those business magnates include Adham Tabbaja, Muhammad Hussein, Ali Daqouq, Salim Kothrani, Karim Salami, Aqeel Atwi, Zuhair Ibrahim and others.

Also, the terror militia owns the satellite channel of Aletejah, its headquarters is considered the biggest of an Iraqi channel.

It also possesses two news agencies including Aletejah Press and al-Malumah as well as two research and training centers.

This militia is trying to be a state within the state, insiders said, adding:"It is not a matter of armed domination in the deeply polarized Iraq. But the real aim of these movements is to fully control Iraq in all aspects for the sake of Iran."

Last Modified: Saturday، 17 June 2017 04:25 PM