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FSA expels Iran-backed militias from Homs

FSA expels militias
Free Syrian Army on Wednesday managed to control the positions of Iran-backed militias and Syrian regime forces in eastern Homs.

Military sources at FSA told Sky News Arabia that the fighters control positions of Iranian militias, near the areas of Zaza Barrier and al-Saba Byar after fierce clashes where many of Iranian and pro-Assad militiamen were killed.

FSA's Martyr Ahmad al-'Abdu forces said earlier they broke through the first lines of defense of the Syrian government forces and the militias supporting them, following violent clashes between the two sides, near the Zaza checkpoint in eastern Homs.

These clashes are part of the ongoing operation by the FSA code named 'Land is for us' aimed to repel the threat of the Iran-backed militias in the area.

Also, the ongoing operation aims to prevent militias from reaching al-Tanf crossing on the borders with Iraq.
Last Modified: Wednesday، 31 May 2017 05:39 PM