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Abdulwahab Al-Qassab

Abdulwahab Al-Qassab is a Visiting Scholar at Arab Center Washington DC.

25 August 2019 05:38 PM

Iraq Enters The Israel-Iran Proxy War

Iraq has become another front in the Israel-Iran proxy wars in the Middle East. Last July, two suspected attacks were conducted against Iran-allied militias, one in Amerli in Salahuddin governorate north of Baghdad and the other against Camp Ashraf in Diyala governorate, which was previously used by American troops. Israel has been worried that the militias' bases have been serving as a repository for Iranian missiles that could be wielded against it. In January 2019, during a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is reported to have discussed the role of the militias in housing Iranian missiles and hinted that the United States would not object if Israel attacked the facilities.