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The Baghdad Post is a news website that follows up the Middle East affairs in general and the Iraqi affairs in particular. The website seeks to benefit from the latest technologies to reach facts and report them to readers in order to help in revealing the truth, linking incidents and interpreting its implications in a scientific and objective way. Also, it aims to use the logical analysis of incidents to ensure accuracy in reporting news. The Baghdad Post strives to provide a platform for all Arabs to raise their awareness over the importance of preserving Arab countries' national security against regional plots that target exploiting the sense of disappointment. This disappointment is gripping our peoples as a result of the feeling of injustice that arose from the double-standards policy adopted by dominant world powers. So, we endeavor to show the audience the dangers of terrorism threatening the future of the Arab nation and uncover forces of evil's ploys aiming to defame the Islam's teachings, Arab generosity and tolerance values.