MP urges gov't to revitalize courtrooms in Nineveh

MP Naif al-Shimari
MP Naif al-Shimari

An MP from Nineveh government Naif al-Shimari urged the government to bring back courtrooms in the governorate as soon as possible.

The MP also stressed the necessity to support these courtrooms financially and morally and rehabilitate its judges.

In a statement, al-Shimari asserted that after the victories of the Iraqi army in the governorate against ISIS terrorists, there must be courtrooms to achieve justice for the governorate's people.

Nineveh's people need to adjust their legal statuses, fight ISIS crimes and build courtrooms instead of the ones destroyed by ISIS terrorists, al-Shimari added.

The government must form a committee and send it to liberated areas in Nineveh to assess the necessary steps to open courtrooms and prepare judges for them, according to al-Shimari.

Last Modified: 04 29 2017 11:19 AM

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