Association of Muslim Scholars condemns Iran's continued annexation of Ahwaz

Association of Muslim Scholars
Association of Muslim Scholars

Association of Muslim Scholars on Thursday condemned the continued annexation of Ahwaz by the Iran regime forces, declaring its solidarity with the Ahwazi people.

Today, we mark the 92nd anniversary since the annexation of the Ahwazi territories by the Persian occupiers. Since then, the people in this region had lived through horrendous forms of discrimination and repression, a statement released by the Association said.

It also added that the occupiers sought over the past nine decades to silence the Arab peoples who had been pursuing the path of freedom through organized campaigns to annihilate the Arab identity and all manifestations that show pride, identity, history, culture and language of the Ahwazis.

At the same time, the Association called upon the Arab and Islamic countries and their official and unofficial organizations to take serious and responsible positions on the issue of Ahwaz and other Arab and Muslim issues and to refrain from keeping up with the Iranian regime in its aggression and terrorism.

The near and far history is the truest witness to the hostile roles and military and political alliances of successive Iranian regimes in the region, the statement further explained.

The Association yet praised the people of Ahwaz, who clang to their positions and land.

We praise with pride the positions of the Ahwazi resistance, and its serious endeavor to achieve its goals of freedom and emancipation.

Last Modified: 04 20 2017 02:27 PM

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