Iraqi parliament moves to bar US troops from partaking in liberating Anbar

US troops
US troops

Iraqi parliament's security and defense committee is seeking to issue a decision barring any US troops from partaking in the operations to liberate al-Qaem, Anah and Rawa of Anbar province.

There are about 1,000 US troops stationed at Anbar's Assad base as Washington desires to take part in operations to liberate parts of Anbar, Hakim al-Zameli, head of the committee, told reporters from inside the parliament.

The government, the parliament, and the Joint Operations Command will not give the green light for these forces to engage in the battles, he added.

If these forces participate, this will be an open violation to the Iraqi sovereignty, the lawmaker further noted.

Sky News Arabia said Tuesday additional U.S. forces have arrived to a military base in Iraq’s Anbar province to take part in the security campaign against ISIS militants.

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