Iraqi jets strike Tal Afar, Sinjar, dozens of ISIS terrorists killed

More terrorists killed
More terrorists killed

Dozens of affiliates of ISIS terror group on Monday were killed or injured in a major airstrike by the Iraqi air force on Sinjar and Tal Afar.

Iraqi air force has carried out several air raids on ISIS positions on the heels of receiving intelligence information, an Iraqi Defense Ministry statement said.

Up to 47 terrorists were killed and wounded, 5 booby-trapped vehicles were destroyed in the districts of Tal Afar and Sinjar, the statement added.

Army brigades, in partnership with intelligence, managed to kill 20 terrorists and destroy three booby-trapped cars in Tal Afar, it further noted.

Since ISIS spilled over in Syria and Iraq territories and imposed its self-styled caliphate in 2014, many world countries saw it urgent to stand up to that threat.

A coalition led by the US has been formed to fight ISIS, with a main mission from the air.

The terror group lost big swaths of ground since the coalition strikes began to bite.

Other countries such as Russia, Turkey and an alliance of Muslim countries are partaking in the fight against ISIS.

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