Car bomb explosion kills, wounds 16 in southwestern Baghdad

Bombing hit Baghdad
Bombing hit Baghdad

Four people have been killed and 12 others injured when a car bomb went off in al-Amel neighborhood southwest of Baghdad, a security source said Monday.

Promptly, local authorities have closed entry and exit spots of the city.

Security forces shut all entrances and exits of the city after the car bomb explosion that took place at al-Amel neighborhood near Tax headquarters at 84 St. in the district, the source added.

Initial tallies put the toll of the bombing at one death and five injuries.

The Iraqi capital Baghdad is witnessing a state of insecurity and chaos as terror attacks target civilians.

Terrorist groups like ISIS, IMIS and others are targeting the city by booby-trapped cars, suicide bombs and other terrorist means in which the residents are feeling insecure and furious.

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