Tsunami waves coming from Iran destroys Iraqi bridge

the collapsed bridge
the collapsed bridge

Iraqi bridge connecting Diyala and Wasit governorates was collapsed due to the Tsunami waves coming from Iran, a local source said on Monday.

The fats-running torrents which came from Iran and caused by heavy rains in the last 24 hours had resulted in the fall of Tolsaq Bridge connecting Qazaniyah in eastern Baqubah and Badrah in Wasit governorate. Three arch bridges on the road of Qazaniyah-Jassan were also destroyed, the source added

Qazaniyah directorate mobilized all concerned authorities to deal with the floods and drain the water via the sewage network.

At least one person lost his life and five others are missing after huge waves caused by strong winds smashed into the port city of Dayyer in the southern Iranian province of Bushehr.

The huge waves and ensuing floods in Dayyer also injured at least 20 people and inflicted heavy damage on public property.

Meanwhile, the head of the medical emergency center of Bushehr Province, Abdolrahim Dadjou, told reporters that the cities of Assaluyeh and Nakhl Taqi have been affected by Sunday's natural disaster, adding that two people were wounded in the two cities.

Last Modified: 03 20 2017 05:21 PM

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