31 civilians killed, dozens injured as airstrikes on western Mosul continue

Iraqi jets hit parts of Mosul
Iraqi jets hit parts of Mosul

31 civilians were killed and more than 70 others injured, including women and children, Monday due to the continued aerial attacks on some districts of Mosul right bank.

Jets of the government and US-led coalition pounded several residential areas on Mosul right bank, reports said.

Several civilians sustained critical wounds in the aftermath of the bombing, the reports added, indicating that toll from the air bombardment may rise due to such fatal wounds.

In addition, a lot of homes got pulverized in the raids.

Locals scrambled to the destroyed homes, digging the injured out from among the rubble.

They strongly denounced these criminal acts which they described as 'unspeakable affront to humanity.

Lawmaker Zahed Al-Khatoni, member of the committee on Displacement and Migration in the incumbent parliament said that Mosul has become disaster-stricken city.

This dreadful situation has been caused by the incessant airstrikes by the government forces and the US-led coalition under the pretense of fighting the terror group and seeking to push it out of the city.

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