ISIS embraces new methods to counter advance of Iraqi troops

ISIS militants in Iraq
ISIS militants in Iraq

ISIS militants are said to have embraced new methods to counter the advance of Iraqi security forces into the western side of Mosul, according to local sources from Mosul.

In statements on Monday, Member of Parliament for Nineveh governorate Hanien al-Qadou said  ISIS militants are seizing the vehicles of citizens and take positions on the houses' rooftops to prevent any further progress by the Iraqi troops battling to free the city.

He asserted that ISIS are suffering big defeats and were forced to retreat their positions in view of the progress achieved by the Iraqi joint forces to retake the districts of the right bank of the city.

Adopting such techniques give an indication on the downsizing of ISIS capabilities and the state of perplexity which has engulfed its ranks, the lawmaker added.

ISIS also used torched cars, which they seized by force from civilians, to hinder the advance of the Iraqi troops into the city centre, he explained.

Civilians are reportedly being abducted from surrounding districts and moved to strategic ISIS locations, he said.

According to a new report from the UN human rights chief, "What's more is that the militants are allegedly killing civilians "who refuse to comply with ISIS's instructions or who previously belonged to the Iraqi Security Forces.

Commander of 'We Are Coming, Nineveh' Major General Abdel Amir Yarallah announced Monday that the Iraqi forces have controlled al-Somoud district during Sunday operations.

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