ISIS admits defeat in Mosul's west bank

ISIS Terrorist Group
ISIS Terrorist Group

The ISIS terrorist group acknowledged its defeat when it was forced to cut all its main radio communications linking the leaderships with the militants fighting in various areas in eastern Mosul, a local source said on Monday.

This comes after the recent defeats that rocked the terrorist group especially that Iraqi joint forces, in cooperation with the US-led coalition, launched a military operation to recapture the city from the terrorist group.

The militants are screaming in the radio, the source said, adding that they are calling for help from the Iraqi forces.

The ISIS leaders cut the communications to prevent this state of fear and breakdown from reaching other militants fighting in the city's east bank.

The battle for Mosul is the biggest ground operation in Iraq since the 2003 US-led invasion. A victory by the 100,000-strong US-backed pro-government force would probably spell the end for ISIS self-styled caliphate that has ruled over millions of people in Iraq and Syria since 2014.

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