National security forces’ commit violations against Karbala civilians

Iraqi  forces
Iraqi forces

Human rights activists criticized Thursday repressive practices by national security forces against civilians in Karbala Governorate. 

The activists said that these forces tortured detainees. 

They also noted that Kazem Aslan al-Ardawi, a student who has been arrested in Karbala Governorate, provides a clear evidence of these forces’ violations. 

Al-Ardawi, who was brutally tortured by national security forces, is suffering now from memory loss, they further stated. 

Ardawi was acquitted of all charges as they were maliciously filed by Sadiq al-Mamouri, head of national security forces in Karbala, who was accused of committing human rights’ violations in Iraq, according to activists.   

Government forces have been recurrently accused of committing violations against civilians in many Iraqi cities amid lack of accountability.  

Last Modified: 09 14 2017 01:06 PM

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