ISIS arrests 200 civilians while attempting to flee Anbar’s Qa’im

ISIS terrorists
ISIS terrorists

ISIS terrorists have arrested 200 civilians while trying to escape from Qa’im district in western Anbar, a security source said Wednesday. 

The source said that US-led coalition aircraft had shelled three schools in al-Karabelah city in Qa’im.    

On Monday, ISIS terrorists killed three Iraqis and detained seven families in al-Qa'im, Anbar Governorate.

Earlier, Prime Minister Hadier Al-Abadi said that security forces would launch military operations to retake Hawija district in southern Kirkuk Governorate and cities of Annah, Rawa and Qa'im in western Anbar from ISIS grip soon.

Late in August, Abadi announced that Tal Afar city in Nineveh Governorate was recaptured from ISIS terrorists.

On July 10, Mosul city was liberated after a 9-month military operation, backed by the US-led coalition.  

Last Modified: 09 14 2017 11:24 AM

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