Azmi Bishara sparks Arabs' outrage amid Gulf crisis

Azmi Bishara sparks Arabs outrage amid Gulf crisis
Azmi Bishara sparks Arabs outrage amid Gulf crisis

Palestinian Politician and Media Figure Azmi Bishara is considered to be one of the most important driving force behind the decision-making process in Qatar.

Bishara has more influence and power more than any other foreign or Qatari citizens. Saudi intellectuals called him "Doha's Rasputin" as he controls Tamim's family like Rasputin before him controlled the Romanovs during late 19th century.


Doha's Rasputin

Bishara advises the royal family in Qatar on their both internal and foreign policies.

He also took advantage of Qatar's Emir ambitions and his love for fame, despite his country's lack of any potential for these aspirations.

Depending on Qatari funds, Bishara was able to form the "Academy of Change" and appointed Yusuf al-Qaradawi's son-in-law as a chief of this institution.


Throughout the academy, he recruited hundreds of Arab youth and trained them on the means to topple Arab governments and create social unrest.

This academy had a great role on pushing Qatar's agenda during the Arab spring as they sparked many chaotic incidents that resulted in the suffering of millions of Arabs during the last couple of years.


Bishara sparks Arab outrage

After Saudi Arabia exposed Bishara's attempt to distort the truth, he took to twitter to stir more troubles for the Arab world.

Bishara launched a series of tweets saying: "A is boycotting B, finally C pressures A and B to settle their dispute via discussion, B accepts C's offer, A insists that B accepted its terms to appear victorious, B asserts that it accepted to negotiate not any terms, A is angry.

B considered accepting C's offer as responsible step down, as it is under sanction, while A imposes its terms or avoid negotiations it does not fully approve.

The solution in these cases requires more communications and compromises for the sake of mutual coexistence, not imposing unilateral terms, A accepted to negotiate".

After these tweets activists and analysts slammed Bishara for intervening in the Gulf internal affairs.

A Qatari citizen told Bishara to "leave both A and B alone and they will be fine".


Another told him to "leave Gulf problems for its people to settle them among themselves as they do not want any foreigners' intervention".

Another Qatari said that the solution is by ousting people like Bishara and his agents from the Gulf and this crisis will be instantly solved.

Observers praised Qatari citizens' replies as a reflection of the Gulf's spirit of unity that defies any foreign intervention for their own gains.

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