Iran biggest sponsor of terrorism, threatens world peace

Iranian regime
Iranian regime

Iran has been the biggest sponsor of terrorism around the world, US Coordinator for Counter-terrorism, Nathan sales said on Monday.
Nathan's words have triggered much of debate about Tehran's involvement in supporting terror groups in the Middle East and also around the world.

A Recent report for US department of State exposed Tehran's involvement in Syria and Iraq.

The report confirmed that Iranian backed Hezbollah and Quds Brigade have dramatically contributed to the uncontrollable spiraling of violence in these countries.

Analysts told The Baghdad Post that Nathan's recent statement is a serious indication for potential atrocities that will be committed by Mullahs regime via its backed militias in the Middle East.

It also indicates that the US administration is currently convinced that Mullahs regime is the main creator of terrorism.

According to US lawmakers and officials, Iran used the funds released after brokering the nuclear deal to support terrorism in Yemen, Syria and Iraq, as well as to develop its arsenal of sophisticated weapons, especially missiles.


The deal, which is considered the worst in dealing with terrorist regime, provided Tehran with an official umbrella to carry out its bloody activities, experts said.

Analysts also see Sales's statement as a chance to formulate a counter-strategy.

The new strategy won't be a unilateral American effort as it is now. However it requires a unified stance as Tehran's sectarian plots threaten the security and stability of the whole world.

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