War of words at the AL meeting: Qatar speaks for Mullahs

Qatari representative at the Arab League
Qatari representative at the Arab League

Mostapha Hassan

"You will regret." these were the few and decisive words uttered by Saudi Arabia's permanent representatives at the Arab League (AL) Ahmed al-Qattan as he spoke to his Qatari counterpart Sultan al-Merikhi.

Qatar's representatives attacked the four boycotting nations, claiming Iran is an 'honorable country'.

"We will not be affected by the sanctions imposed on us," Merikhi added, bragging about his country's ties with Iran.

Commentators say Doha will not back down on extending its hands to terror groups.

"It is clear that Tehran policymakers are steering the policies of Doha, inciting it to pick fights with the Arab nations," they added.

Outright loyalty

During this jangle, the Qatari official speak plainly of his preference of Tehran to the Arab nations, playing down the impacts of the measures taken by the Arab boycotters in response to Doha's sponsoring of terror outfits.

"We will not be affected, he said, noting those who will be harmed are the rest of the GCC states.

When the crisis broke out between the GCC states and Qatar, Tehran was quick to side itself with Doha. It expressed readiness to provide all that the Gulf sheikhdom needs.
It also opened its ports to the Qatari ships, with Mullah regime officials declaring that shipments of foodstuffs will be sent to Doha.

Observers told The Baghdad Post that the provocative statements of Qatar during the 148th session of the Arab League's ministerial meeting the weakness of the Qatari position.
"Arab boycott started to bite Qatar, so its officials make such irrational comments," they added.

Doha and Tehran

Qatar and Iran have deep-rooted ties. These relationships date back to the 1990s. One of the two countries' early agreements was on supporting the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Hamas Movement in Palestine. 

"Relationships between Qatar and Iran are as old as their ill-starred support for terror," one commentator stated.

He noted:"This is the reason why Qatar is siding with Iran. They have a common ground: backing terror."

Therefore, Saudi Arabia decisively declared its position rejecting the terror of Iran and its allies.

At the Arab League meeting, Al-Qattan denounced the remarks of his Qatari counterpart on Iran as 'laughable."

"Iran is an honorable state! This is ridiculous. Isn't Iran conspiring against all the Arab nations? Isn't it planting spies and terror cells in Kuwait and Bahrain? Hasn't the Mullah regime stood idly by while saboteurs had been setting our embassy there alight? The Saudi ambassador wondered.

This is the true face of Qatar, he added.

Unacceptable rant

On his part, Egyptian foreign minister Sameh Shokry declared the Qatari unsubstantiated incriminations are entirely unacceptable. 

"We all know well Qatar's heinous record of supporting terror and shaking stability in the region," the minister added, as he responded to the Qatari representative's rant at the meeting. 

Doha backs terror in Syria, Libya and Yemen. And we in Egypt had our soldiers killed due to the support offered by Doha to terrorists, Shokry went on to say.

"We are nations whose civilizations are so deep in history that they date back to 7,000 years. When we speak, we say nothing but facts. And when we behave, we act responsibly."
"We will continue to defend our interests, defend our citizens and take all measures guaranteed by international law," the Egyptian minister noted.

Analysts said Qatar is no longer keen to mend relations with Arabs, since its foremost aim is to serve the Iranian agenda.

The Qataris now are burnishing Iran, which is their longstanding ally of terror, they asserted, reiterating the Arabs are not on Doha's agenda. 

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