Iranian crackdown on Sunnis paves way for civil war - Analysts

Iran prosecutes Sunnis
Iran prosecutes Sunnis

Observers have warned of the ongoing crackdown by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) on Sunni-populated provinces in Iran, including Sistan, Baluchistan and Khorasan. 

They said they will have serious repercussions on Iran, especially that the Sunnis represent about 25% of the total population.

There is a systematic plan practice by the Iranian regime, to avenge the Sunnis and purge the country of them, analysts told The Baghdad Post.


A recent report issued by a reformist opposition group said that the repressive and sectarian practices against Sunnis in the country are considered an introduction to a civil war in the country.

IRGC provocations 

There are continuing and growing movements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) in Sunni-dominated areas as part of provocations for Sunni residents in these areas, sources said.

IRGC urged their backed institutes and clerics to provoke Sunni residents via calling for celebrations of Shiite ceremonies to be held in their territories, insiders said.

Recently,they called for celebrating the event of Ghadir Khumm in the provinces of Sistan, Baluchistan and Khorasan.

Crackdown on Sunni-populated areas 

Iranian authorities have launched a campaign against the Sunnis, after the attacks on Tehran on June 7, including random raids, mass arrests and clashes with armed groups in the provinces inhabited by Sunnis.

This campaign comes under the pretext of searching for terror cells affiliated with ISIS terror group.

Iranian human rights organizations have condemned the campaign of arbitrary arrests by Iranian authorities.

Iran's human rights organization said in a statement that it had received reports of widespread crackdowns against Sunnis in various provinces following the attacks in Tehran and expressed concern concerning such practices.

It also warned against torture in order to gain compulsory confessions, calling for transparent trials of those accused of joining extremist groups.

Cultural oppression 

The persecution of the Sunnis in Iran seems to not have a limit, since Iranian Ministry of Culture banned books discussing Sunni issues in Iran.

In a statement, the Ministry of Culture claimed that these actions were carried out within a legal framework and endorsed by the Supreme Council of the Revolution, headed by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.


The Shia-dominated country continue to oppress Sunnis and others who just want to live peacefully in their country.

Last Modified: 09 11 2017 08:42 PM

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