Iran aided terrorists in 11th of September attacks, documentary reveals

Qaeda and Iran partner for terror
Qaeda and Iran partner for terror

Mostapha Hassan

A documentary titled 'Iran...11th September' exposed the Iranian role in the deadly attacks of 11th September in the US.

The documentary has been produced by al-Arabiya channel. It included witnesses proving links of Iran and Hezbollah militia to the terror attack.

The documentary reveals that Hezbollah militia trained the attackers. And Tehran facilitated their entry to the US.

It also cited a host of US experts, who spoke of the role of Iran in the attacks.

According to them, if it hadn't been for the assistance of Hezbollah, these attacks would have never been carried out this way.

Facilitating entry

Tehran has facilitated the entry of al-Qaeda members to the US shortly before the attacks, the experts asserted.

In a report, the experts said they received indications revealing that Iran has a big role in the attack that is worth deeper investigation.

Janis Kibhart, a former member of commission probing Sept. 11 attacks, said Iran provided direct financial support in the September 11 attacks by facilitating the kidnappers' arrival in Iran for training and before leaving.

Iranian attack

The commission had published six court documents, on which New York federal court judge, George Daniels, who ruled that Iran was fined billions of dollars in compensation for US families killed in the attacks, depended.

The documents indicate that Iran facilitated the transfer of al-Qaeda operatives to training camps in Afghanistan, which was necessary for the success of the operation.

Imad Mughniyeh, a Hezbollah leader who was killed by the militias not to expose Iran's complicity, visited the perpetrators in October 2000 and coordinated their travel to Iran with new passports to secure them before the operations were carried out.

The court also proved that the Iranian government had ordered its border guards not to place seals on the passports of the perpetrators to facilitate their movements.

Looking at these revelations, commentators say the US should move to cease terror of Mullahs. They suggested Washington will sue Tehran for much more compensation to the victims.

The commentators suggest the $ 10.5 billion incurred by Iran to US in damages may double.

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