Who rules Qatar? Tamim or Hamadin Group

Hamadin Group rules Qatar
Hamadin Group rules Qatar

The current Gulf crisis and its repurcussions have posed a lot of questions about who really controls the decision-making process in Qatar.


According to analysts, Tamim bin Hamad is no more than a puppet. But the real ruler of the tiny Gulf State is the Hamadin Organization that is led by the Father Emir Hamad bin Khalifa and Hamad bin Jassem.


They see that Hamadin group, that strongly supports terrroism in the Middle East, wages the hatred campaign against the four boycotting countries.


In late June, Saudi Arabia along with UAE, Bahrain and Egypt cut diplomatic ties with Doha over the latter's support of terrorism and maintaining powerful relations with Tehran.


When Tamim came to power in June, 2013, it was expected of him to create more rapprochment with his Arab neighbors.


But he maintained the state of hatred towards Arabs and his country's powerful ties with teh Shiite Iran.


A report issued by the London Conference warned against the possibility that the current crisis between Qatar and its neighbors might continue till 2018.


The London Conference will be held in mid-September to find way-out of the current crisis.


The report added the continuation of the Arab boyccot would severe the internal troubles in Qatar in a way taht might lead to a military coup against Tamim.


According to observers, this coup could be orchestrated by a wing in the Al-Thani royal family.


The four boycotting countries have imposed economic sanctions on Doha. The sanctions created shortage in food items and increased popular anger against the ruling family.



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