As Mullah's agents fail, Hezbollah carries out Shiite crescent in Iraq

As Mullah's agent fail, Hezbollah carries out Shiite crescent in Iraq
As Mullah's agent fail, Hezbollah carries out Shiite crescent in Iraq

Many speculations were sparked after the sudden intervention of Lebanese Hezbollah in Iraq. Activists voiced concerns that the militias' role will surpass the suspicious Arsal deal with ISIS to a more wicked agenda.


This comes as prominent Shiite cleric Fadel al-Badeiry who criticized Iran's meddling in Iraq's internal affairs, survived an assassination attempt by Mullah's agents in the country.


  Terrorizing criticizers

Badeiry revealed later that this assassination attempt came as he criticized Hezbollah's deal with ISIS terrorists in Arsal to transfer them to Iraqi borders.


On Tuesday, as he was attending a funeral, he was attacked by several gunmen who clashed with his body guards, then fled the scene after throwing three hand grenades at him.


Following this incident he was moved to al-Sadr educational hospital to receive proper treatment.


Earlier, Syrian intelligence provided a safe passage to Iraq for over 800 ISIS terrorists after a deal struck in Arsal with Hezbollah militias.

Analysts warned against the ramifications of the deal. 


They said that the deal was to give ISIS terrorists weapons and safe passage to Iraq to assault Sadrist Movement's strongholds in Baghdad after a meeting with former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki and Iranian Ambassador to Iraq Irij Masjidi.

This comes as retaliation from Iranian Mullah's regime after Muqtada al-Sadr defied  Khamenei by visiting Saudi Arabia and the UAE, while preparing for an anticipated visit to Egypt.


Badeiry also asserted that he is constantly receiving death threats in case he doesn't apologize for his anti-Iran and Hezbollah's deal with ISIS terrorists' statements.

Mullah's assassinations season


Following Bedeiry's assassination attempt, political experts warned against Mullah's regime intervention in Iraq, saying that it will initiate an "assassination season to eliminate any figure who opposes its shady deals and sectarian militias in the country.


This was evident as the assassination attempts and death threats did not stop at Bedeiry but also claimed the Sadrist Movement's leader Muqtada al-Sadr, who asserted earlier that he also suffered from similar incidents from Mullah's puppets in Iraq.

Analysts were also concerned from sudden appearance of Nasrallah's militias in the Iraqi scene, noting that their role might not stop at providing some safe passages for ISIS terrorists.


They will extend their role to carrying out Iran's Shiite crescent scheme to carve a way from its capital Tehran throughout Iraq, Syria and Lebanon to reach the Mediterranean sea to further its influence in the Middle East.


Activists also urged Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to officially call on the Lebanese government to withdraw Hezbollah's militias from Iraqi soil and restrict them to Lebanon.

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