Over $1000 Billion of Iraq oil profits embezzled by Mullah, Maliki

Over $1000 Billion of Iraq oil profits embezzled by Mullah, Maliki
Over $1000 Billion of Iraq oil profits embezzled by Mullah, Maliki

Recently, former prime minister Ayad Allawi expressed his concerns over the loss of over 1000 billion US dollars of Iraqi oil profits during the last 13 years.


Analysts say that these concerns are critical as Iraqis are currently suffering from severe poverty, displacement and infrastructure destruction by the ongoing war against ISIS terrorists.


These concerns were even deepened as some pointed that other Iraqi resources' profits will add to this number to increase to at least 1500 billion US dollars.


Who stole Iraq's wealth

Until now, Iraqi authorities haven't done any conceivable efforts to investigate the circumstances that led to the loss of these huge sums of Iraq's wealth, especially as Iraq's debts have reached over 124 billion dollars.

Activists have also wondered, why Iraqi authorities didn’t take any actions against the most powerful man in Iraq in this period, the former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki.

They also asserted that Nouri al-Maliki was not the only complicit in these crimes as many local and foreign powers are also guilty and still operate in their same positions and posts throughout Iraq.


3 criminal factions

According to political activists the main factions that led these crimes is the former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki, whose sectarian rule and corruption were responsible for the loss of most Iraq's wealth, the dramatic rise in Iraq's debts and the surrender of northern Iraq's governorates in the hands of ISIS terrorists, whom destruction to the country's infrastructure will cost billions of dollars and many years to repair.

The second faction responsible for Iraq's tragedy is Mullah's regime's henchmen led by its top terrorist general Qasem Soleimani, who many argue is the true leader of Iraq.

Mullah's regime also spread its puppets and agents throughout the Iraqi government, to insure its profits and gains of the the country's wealth and resources.

The third faction are Iraqi internal factions who grew in power during Maliki's rule to Iraq, as they are also occupying many posts and positions in the Iraqi government, these corrupt officials systematically steal Iraq's wealth and resources to their own personal gains.


Stealing Iraq's future

Allawi's words and concerns rang many echoes in the Iraqi political scene as he said that with these corrupt factions ruling the country, Iraq has no future.

He added that these numbers reveal the true colors and greed of these corrupt entities, who did not only stop at stealing Iraq's past and present, but also its future.


Allawi asserted that with these "mafias" existence that are protected by top officials in the Iraqi government, the country will not have a proper future but with a thorough  reforms revolution to topple these corrupt entities and bring honest patriotic figures to lead Iraq to a better future.

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