5 Iran-backed IMIS terrorists injured in Jarf al-Sakhr

IMIS terrorists
IMIS terrorists

Five Iran-allied IMIS terrorists have been severely wounded in a blast in Jarf al-Sakhr,Babil Governorate, security sources said Thursday.


The terrorists were injured after an IED from ISIS remnants in the region blew off, the sources said.


They were carried to al-Mussaib Public hospital.


IMIS terrorists have committed a series of terror crimes against civilians, particularly Sunnis.


Eyewitnesses confirm they loot houses in liberated areas. they also abduct and kill Sunni civilians.


Human rights activists have repeatedly called upon Iraqi authorities to dismantle the terror militias.


But PM Haider Abadi announced earlier this year that IMIS terrorists would be integrated into the Iraqi army.

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