Mass grave containing 40 bodies discovered in Anbar's Ramadi

A file photo of a mass grave
A file photo of a mass grave

A mass grave, containing 40 bodies of civilians, has been discovered in al-Tash district in southern Ramadi, located in central Iraq, Ammar Nouri, head of Martyrs Committee in Anbar Governorate, announced Friday.   

Nouri said that the bodies were badly decomposed with multiple gunshot wounds in the skull.

He added that it is likely that those civilians were executed by ISIS in 2015.  

ISIS has executed dozens of civilians and Iraqi security personnel in Ramadi, Fallujah and other districts after they refused to pledge allegiance to the terrorist group.  

Earlier on Friday, 12 ISIS terrorists, including the group's leaders, were killed in Peshmerga air strikes southwest of Kirkuk Governorate.

Iraqi air force destroyed an ISIS hideout Thursday in Anbar, killing dozens of terrorists.

Last Modified: 08 04 2017 02:35 PM

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