Iran-allied IMIS terrorists storm Jurf al-Sakhr, arrest 53

IMIS terror militias
IMIS terror militias

Iran-backed IMIS militias have stormed Jurf al-Sakhr town in Babel governorate and detained 53 citizens without arrest warrants, residents told The Baghdad Post Monday. 

IMIS terrorists have repeatedly attacked civilians in Jurf al-Sakhr, killing and wounding hundreds, security sources confirmed. 

In June, reports confirmed IMIS militias prevented thousands of Jurf al-Sakhr displaced families from returning homes.

IMIS claims the town needs years to defuse the explosive devices planted by ISIS. 

Iraqi authorities announced the liberation of Jurf al-Sakhr in 2014. 

The town is currently fully controlled by Hezbollah Shia militia.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that the militias impose tightened security cordons, surrounding the city by concrete blocks, which made them in isolation from the districts. 

In the meantime, the militias continue to loot houses, agricultural land and commercial property belonging to the now displaced people, the eyewitnesses added. 

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