Iraqi security forces arrest 26 foreign men, women in Mosul


A total of 26 foreigners have been arrested in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul including two men, eight children and 16 women and they have been taken to Baghdad, Three Iraqi intelligence and investigative officials have told The Associated Press on Sunday.


The sources say some of those arrested were from Chechnya, and the women were from Russia, Iran, Syria, France, Belgium and Germany. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the information is not yet public.


They say four German women have been arrested so far including Moroccan, Algerian, Chechen and German nationals. The Moroccan has a child and they were arrested in Mosul about ten days ago.

The officials say the women had allegedly been working with ISIS.


Their husbands were ISIS terrorists but their fates are not known.


The French and German embassies have visited the women. They expect that the children will be handed over to the countries they belong to and the women will be tried on terrorism charges.

Last Modified: 07 23 2017 03:01 PM

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