We'll attack US bases if IRGC remains on terror list: Iranian general

Mohammad Bagheri
Mohammad Bagheri

Iranian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Major General Mohammad Bagheri has threatened to target US bases and forces in the region if the US keeps the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corpse (IRGC) on the terrorist list, Arabiya News reported.

At the Monday IRGC ground troop’s festival in the city of Mashhad, Bagheri said that “putting the IRGC on the terrorist lists with terrorist groups can be very costly to the US and its military bases and forces in the region.”

According to the Tasnim news agency, Bagheri pointed out in his speech that “Iran’s missile capabilities are defensive ones and are non-negotiable under any condition.”

Bagheri attacked US statements about the “regime change” in Tehran and undermined the importance of the new sanctions against IRGC.

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