5 ISIS terrorists, including Asian commander, die of food poisoning

ISIS terrorists
ISIS terrorists

Iraqi security sources revealed Sunday five ISIS terrorists had been killed due to food poisoning in Tal Afar in western Mosul.

In a statement to The Baghdad Post, the source said "Five ISIS terrorists, including a top commander holding an Asian nationality have been killed in Tal Afar due to food poisoning".

ISIS terrorists were having a meal during a ceremony for promoting one of the group's leaders.

The total number of the poisoned terrorists exceeds 30, the source revealed. 

The people who prepared the meal have been arrested and taken to an unknown place. 

Last week, news reports mentioned that the group announced in a brief statement that Tal Afar has become an independent state from the caliphate.

On July 10th, Iraqi army announced full liberation of Mosul from ISIS. 

The group admitted its defeat in Mosul. 

The terror group still controls Tal Afar as an important stronghold.

In June 2014, ISIS managed to capture large swathes of Iraq and Syria. 

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