Babel residents plea for help from Hezbollah militias

IMIS terrorists
IMIS terrorists

Residents of Musayyib City in northern Babel pleads for protection from atrocities by Hezbollah Shia militia.

Hezbollah is part of Iranian Militias in Iraq and Syria (IMIS).  

These pleas came as Hezbollah militias kidnap civilians and blackmail their families and relatives for ransoms.

Eye witnesses said that Hezbollah terrorists stormed Jurf al-Sakhr district in Babel and kidnapped Shiekh Qassem Mahdi al-Finjan al-Janabi and all of, children and kidnapped all members of  two families from al-Janabien tribe.

Earlier, Hezbollah terrorists also stormed Muwielha district in southern Baghdad and kidnapped 16 civilians from three families.

These actions come in the wake of liberating Mosul, as Iraqi cities witness a wave of increased sectarian violent carried out by IMIS militias against Sunni civilians in the country.

Analysts and activists assert that the militias aim to carry out Iranian demographic change in Iraq to further Mullah's regime Shiite crescent plan.

Last Modified: 07 15 2017 08:55 PM

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