Iraq defeated terrorism, Abadi declares from liberated Mosul


Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi on Monday declared the utter fall and collapse of ISIS statelet of terrorism in Mosul.

"Depending on the sincere efforts of the Iraqis, we attained victory over the malicious terrorists," he added as he visited the headquarters of the CTS forces in Mosul.

"We aborted all schemes aimed at fomenting fracture among Iraqis…and we are more united than ever." He noted.

He also stressed the Iraqis only are those who fought ISIS on the ground, denying the presence of any foreign troops.

Abadi thanked all countries that supported iraqi in its battle against terror, reiterating the importance of reconstructing the destructed areas, and helping the displaced persons return home.

"Our victory today is a victory over darkness. We thwarted all plots of enemies." He concluded.

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