Full elimination of ISIS myth matter of time, says Abadi

Haider Abadi with Iraqi commanders
Haider Abadi with Iraqi commanders

Iraqi PM Haider Abadi said Sunday the full eradication of ISIS terror group is a matter of time,  The Baghdad Post reported. 

This came during a meeting Abadi held with commanders of Ninewa Operations in Mosul.

"It is a matter to declare to our people the great victory, and this reflects my respect and appreciation for our great forces that continue the cleansing process of ISIS terrorists," he said. 

"We still give them more support to end the ISIS lie and myth, " he added.   

He added: "We came today on an on-field visit  to honor the battle that left only a pocket or two pockets of the terror group".

Abadi stressed Iraqi forces are "fighting valiantly to liberate the civilians taken as human shields in about 50 to 100 houses". 

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