Iraq to launch initiative to bring activists, opponents back home

Salim al-Jabouri
Salim al-Jabouri

An initiative will be launched soon to bring back political figures, activists and opponents to Iraq, Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri revealed on Thursday. 

In a press statements, al-Jabouri said that the return of those figures to Iraq will put an end to international and regional parties' blackmailing as they are used as leverage. 

The return of political activists and opponents to Baghdad to undertake their activities with the government's protection and within the framework of the constitution will limit any foreign intervention, he noted. 

Jabouri also stated that the next political stage needs apolitical activity that is not stereotypical, adding that building a well-established state requires support of the law and prevention of establishing outlawed groups that undermine the country's authority by creating a parallel state.

This needs public support to shore up the country and its executive, legislative and judicial institutions, the Iraqi parliament speaker stressed. 

Moreover, he said that the parliament approves private sector laws so as to provide job opportunities for experienced young people.

The economic crisis in Iraq has thwarted the aspirations of the parliament and government, he noted, adding that this plight will come to an end after achieving political, military and economic breakthroughs.  

Last Modified: 06 22 2017 11:58 AM

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