Video: Federal police servicemen loot, kill Iraqi family

Two brothers receiving treatment in a hospital
Two brothers receiving treatment in a hospital

An Iraqi officer and two servicemen of the federal police have killed two of a five-member family and stolen more than 5 million dinars and 4 kg of gold that were in possession of the family, a video obtained by The Baghdad Post on Monday revealed.

The family fled from al-Shifaa district, located in western Mosul, to districts controlled by the Iraqi forces. 

While fleeing from ISIS terrorists, the family members met two servicemen of the Federal Police. They reassured the family they will help its members move to Mosul's left bank.    


"But when they knew that we have money and gold, they separated me, my brother, sister and mother my father by taking us to unpopulated area", Qussai Abdo Saleh, the family's eldest son, said in televised statements.   

He added that when they arrived there, federal police servicemen confiscated their money and gold and opened fire on them, killing his sister (7 years old) and mother.

Qussai is alive and he is receiving treatment in Erbil hospital, his brother was shot in the head and his condition is unstable, and the fate of his father is unknown.  

Last Modified: 06 19 2017 03:15 PM

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