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5,000 civilians back to liberated areas in Mosul

civilians return back to their homes
civilians return back to their homes

As many as 5,000 Iraqi civilians returned to their liberated areas in southern and eastern Mosul, Ministry of Displaced and Migration said on Sunday.

The Ministry of Displaced and Migration in cooperation with Ministry of Transport allocated vehicles to move 4,784 civilians from al- Qayyarah and Hamam al-Alil camps to their liberated areas, Minister of Migration and Displaced Jasim al-Jaf said on Sunday.

The ministry provided all kinds of relief aids to civilians, al-Jaf added.

Districts where civilians replaced are al-Sokar, al-Kahira, al-Tahrir, al-A'amel, Errachidia, al-Karamah, al-Quds, al-Qadysia, al-Thaniya, Kokgali, Nablus, wadi Hajar, al-Shohadaa, Aden, al-Wehda, al-Mithaq in Nineveh governorate.

Last Modified: 05 14 2017 06:54 PM

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