Iranian cleric slams Rouhani, acknowledges Mullah regime failure

Air pollution in Tehran
Air pollution in Tehran

Mullah Elm al-Huda, representative of Iran's Khamenei in Mashhad city in northeastern Iran, has acknowledged that the regime failed to solve the economic and environmental crises.

Al-Huda also slammed the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. 

After five years now you have remembered that three or four measures have to be taken to control air pollution. Air pollution in Tehran is now estimated at 250, he noted.

This means that Iranians are living in an atmosphere similar to that after a chemical bomb explosion, he said, asking how Rouhani can address this problem.   

In cyberspace no one is immune from criticism, even you. Social media users will insult and humiliate you, he added.  

Earlier this month, Iranian authorities were forced to shut down all nurseries and elementary schools in Tehran after air pollution reached alarming levels.

Members of Tehran’s Air Pollution Emergency Committee decided to shut kindergartens and primary schools in all but two cities of Tehran governorate.

The decision came as the average level of PM2.5 particles in the governorate's air hit 150. 

Last Modified: 12 24 2017 10:46 AM

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